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    Application Process And Precautions Of Prestressed Concrete Strand

    Prestressed concrete steel strands a stranded steel cable composed of 2, 3, 7, or 19 high-strength steel wires, and has undergone stress-relief treatment (stabilization treatment), suitable for prestressed concrete or similar purposes. There are also many problems in the use of prestressed concrete steel strands that require our attention. The following is the specific use process and precautions of prestressed concrete steel strands.

    Use the process of prestressed concrete steel strand

    1. Steel stranded wire harness production

    Cut the material according to the length required by the design. During the construction of the box girder with the first hole, cut 200mm longer than the length required by the design, and then adjust the cutting of the steel strand required for the subsequent box girder according to the construction of the box girder with the first hole. Length, allowable length error 10mm.

    When cutting the material, the grinding wheel saw must be used to cut, to ensure that the cutting head is flat, and the welding and cutting method must not be used. After cutting the material, take lashing measures to cut the strands in time according to the requirements to prevent the phenomenon of loose ends.

    After the cutting is completed, the steel strands are bundled and transported to the designated location and marked for use. Do not drag directly during transportation to avoid damage and corrosion on the surface of the steel strand.

    2. The stranded wire harness

    Clean the tensioning stand, supporting pad, or grouting hole before threading. When threading the bundle, anchor one end of the steel strand with a tie anchor, and thread the other end into the corrugated pipe in the order of numbering. The ends of the steel strands must be wrapped in bullet heads to prevent loose ends when passing through the strands. The same channel should be pierced as a whole according to the number.

    3. Prestressed tension

    After the steel strands are put in and laid out, according to the design requirements, the webs, then the top plate, and the bottom plate should be stretched in the order of two sides first and then the middle. The pre-stress control is based on the readings of the hydraulic gauge as the main reference basis, and the pre-stressed tendons The elongation value is used as a review.

    Precautions for the use of prestressed concrete steel strands

    Since the steel strand is made of multiple steel wires, different coatings are usually added according to the prestressed concrete steel strand uses such as a galvanized layer, zinc-aluminum alloy layer, aluminum-clad layer, and so on. When choosing a steel strand, we must first consider its use, and choose steel strands according to different uses.

    After choosing a suitable steel strand, it is stored. Generally, the prestressed steel strand should be stored in a dry warehouse and avoid direct contact with wet ground. If it is necessary to place it in the open air, sleepers should be erected on the ground and covered with waterproof equipment such as tarpaulins. In special cases, rust-proof packaging can be used directly when ordering.

    The strands in prestressed concrete should be kept away from high temperature and high heat environments during use. Heating will cause the deformation of the steel wire, thereby reducing the performance. We should also prevent welding and other operations because it is easy to cause solder joints during the tensioning process. When cutting steel strands, you should use a toothless saw, gas welding cutting, and other methods that are easy to damage the surface of the steel, and local heating will affect its performance.

    If you want to know more about prestressed concrete strands after reading the above, please refer to our news.

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