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How To Test The Mechanical Properties Of Prestressed Concrete Strands?

The mechanical properties of prestressed concrete steel strands must be superior so that they can carry a larger load and will be more stable in the application. Then we can use the following three tests to test the mechanical properties of prestressed concrete steel strands. Tensile test of steel strand for prestressed concrete 1. Force range The force range test of the whole steel strand is carried out in accordance with the provisions of GB/T 228. If the sample breaks in the chuck and is within 2 times the nominal diameter of the steel strand from the jaws, the test is invalid if the performance requirements of this standard are not met. When calculating the tensile strength, take the reference cross-sectional area value of the steel strand. 2. Prescribe non-proportional extension force The non-proportional extension force of the steel strand is the force when the non-proportional extension of the extensometer gauge length reaches 0.2% of the original gauge length. In order to facilitate the daily inspection of the supplier, the force can also be determined when the specified total extension reaches 1% of the original gauge length and the value meets the value specified in this standard. Stress relaxation performance test

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Application Process And Precautions Of Prestressed Concrete Strand

Prestressed concrete steel strands a stranded steel cable composed of 2, 3, 7, or 19 high-strength steel wires, and has undergone stress-relief treatment (stabilization treatment), suitable for prestressed concrete or similar purposes. There are also many problems in the use of prestressed concrete steel strands that require our attention. The following is the specific use process and precautions of prestressed concrete steel strands. Use the process of prestressed concrete steel strand 1. Steel stranded wire harness production Cut the material according to the length required by the design. During the construction of the box girder with the first hole, cut 200mm longer than the length required by the design, and then adjust the cutting of the steel strand required for the subsequent box girder according to the construction of the box girder with the first hole. Length, allowable length error 10mm. When cutting the material, the grinding wheel saw must be used to cut, to ensure that the cutting head is flat, and the welding and cutting method must not be used. After cutting the material, take lashing measures to cut the strands in time according to the requirements to prevent the phenomenon of loose ends. After the cutting is completed,

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Anti-Corrosion Measures For Post-Tensioned Prestressed Steel Strands

This paper introduces the anti-corrosion measures of post-tensioned prestressed steel strands and the characteristics of related materials and points out the suitable environment for anti-corrosion of various materials. Anticorrosion of Post-tensioned Concrete Structures The anti-corrosion methods of post-tensioned concrete structures mainly include prefabricated pipeline grouting protection and non-bonding protection. 1. Non-adhesive Protection Unbonded steel strands are specially developed and produced for post-tensioned structures and construction. Coat the common steel strand with anti-corrosion grease, outsource it with high-density polyethylene (polyvinyl chloride is prohibited), and eliminate the need for prefabricated pipes and grouting during construction.  Tension-free reinforcement is pre-arranged before concrete pouring, and pre-stressing is performed after curing. Tensioning, due to the sufficient grease in the plastic tube, the relative displacement of the stranded wire and the plastic tube occurs during tensioning, and the tensioning operation is completed. The prestressed anchor cables have been in the surrounding rock and soil for a long time under the state of tensile stress, and most of them have to pass through the stratum fracture zone or weak interlayer. This kind of corrosion includes electrochemical corrosion, stress corrosion, chemical corrosion, biological corrosion, etc. Therefore, in practical use, the corrosion of unbonded steel strands is almost always caused by

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PC Strandre one of the leading manufacturers of PC strand. Our PC Wire & PC Strand equipment and technical know-how is among the finest in the industry. Our PC strand production process has strict quality. And our PC strand has the advantages of higher fatigue, corrosion resistance and better performance at elevated temperature. Common sizes: 9.3 mm., 12.5, 12.9, 11.11, 11.3, 15.24 and 15.7 mm. Raw Materials: High-carbon steel wire rods, SWRH 82B Processing: Continuous drawing by means of big reduction of area, twist, stabilizing treatment High tensile strength, low relaxation, stable modulus of elasticity, stress-relieved, firm connection with concrete, low stress, stable construction, good combination with steel reinforced concrete; saving material, reducing distortion and construction weight, increasing the abrasion resistance, water resistance, stiffness. We offer PC Strand which confirm to the technical standards such as GB/T 5223, GB/T 5224, ASTM A-416, BS 5896, JIS G3536 or the standards agreed by both of the customers and us. PC strand can also be supplied in various forms for pre- or post-tensioning applications, with plain or galvanized material ranging from 3 wires, 7 wires, 19 wire and compacted construction. Inquiry please provide: Standard, Diameter, Mechanical property (especially tensile strength), coil weight,

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How is PC strand made?

PC Strand, or prestressed concrete steel strand, is a twisted steel cable composed of high strength steelwires that are stress-relieved (stabilized) for use in producing prestressed concrete. Common sizes: 9.3 mm., 12.5, 12.9, 11.11, 11.3, 15.24 and 15.7 mm. Raw Materials: High-carbon steel wire rods, SWRH 82B Processing: Continuous drawing by means of big reduction of area, twist, stabilizing treatment. The main characteristic of the prestressed steel strand is high strength and relaxation performance is good, the other when the more straight. Common tensile strength levels of 1860 MPa, as well as 1720, 1770, 1960, 2000, 2100 MPa and the like intensity levels. The yield strength of this steel is also higher. In most of the post-tensioned and pre-tensioned prestressed project, smooth steel strand is the most widely used prestressed steel. Stranded strand is mainly used to enhance the project, but also for nuclear power and the like works. Galvanized steel strand commonly used in the bridge of the tie rod, cable and external prestressing works. Epoxy coated steel stranded wire is similar to galvanized prestressed steel wire. Countries have standards for prestressed strand, such as: China Standard GB / T 5224, American Standard ASTM A416, British standard BS 5896 and the Japanese standard JIS G3536, the Australian

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What is PC strand?

PC strand is classified according to the number of steel wires in a strand: 2 wire strand, 3 wire strand, 7 wire steel strand and 19 wire steel strand. It can be classified according to the surface morphology and can be divided into: smooth steel strand, scoring strand, mold pulling strand (compact), coated epoxy resin steel strand. They can also be classified by diameter, or intensity level, or standard. Using high-carbon steel wire rod, after surface treatment it is cold drawn into steel wire, and then the strand structure will be a number of steel wires stranded into shares. Next the elimination of stress by way of a stabilization process. In order to extend durability, the wire can have metal or non-metallic coatings, such as galvanized, or epoxy resin coating. In order to increase the bond strength with the concrete, the surface can have nicks and so on. The prestressed strands of the mold are twisted to form a mold compression process, the structure is more compact, and the surface layer is more suitable for anchoring. Production of unbonded prestressed steel strand (unbonded steel strand) using ordinary prestressed steel wire, coated with oil or paraffin after the packaging into high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bags.

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